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Showroom/Distribution Centre Address: #2115 - 575 Seaborne Avenue, Port Coquitlam - (SEABORNE PARK - Building #2000 - Next to Geo H. Hewitt)
🚨🚨 BUSINESS HOURS : Tuesday to Friday 9:30am - 4:30pm / Saturday 10am - 3:30pm 🚨🚨

We stock 100's of PREMIUM QUALITY, Live Edge Dining Tables and Benches > THE BEST IN BC! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
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When purchasing from us > Expect a Better Shopping Experience✔️ Premium Quality Products✔️ Amazing Customer Service✔️ The Lowest Prices Guaranteed✔️
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We also provide unlimited capacity to wholesale accounts for the following: Designers, Developers, Trades, Hospitality, Restaurants, Retailers, Work Camps and Government.
Questions? Please email us for more information.


Q. We have never purchased from your company. How do you compare to the most popular stores out there?
A. We are better! Expect excellence when purchasing from us. We have been in business since 2003, providing exceptional quality products, pricing and customer service to clients locally, in BC, and right across Canada.

Q. Do you stock any items that we can get delivered right away?
A. Yes. We have our own large distribution warehouse, where we inventory many of our popular products, so they are readily available for same day pick up, or as soon as next day delivery. If you need products immediately, it is always best to email and check with us first to see which products are in stock and available.

Q. I hate assembling furniture. How much assembly is required for your products?
A. Very little, if any at all. Most of our products come fully factory assembled, including handles already installed. Common items that always require some assembly would be the bulky items such as dining tables and beds. However, our dining tables and beds, for the most part, require minimal assembly.

Q. How does your quality of products compare to other
retailers, especially the big brand name stores?
A. We are proud to offer you products that are manufactured exceptionally well. We would also like to state, that in general, you will find higher quality products, at lower prices, shopping with us as compared to all other retailers. We specialize in Canadian made upholstery and 100% solid wood furniture. 
Much of our wood products come fully factory assembled for structural strength and durability. These items have some of the finest joinery and construction methods you will find in the industry and are built to last for generations. Almost all of our dining chairs come fully factory assembled. This makes a very significant difference in overall quality.
We do not sell many products that come KD (knock down) and do not sell any that require extensive time to assemble. MDF, Veneers, Panelboard, and Particleboard are words seldom, if ever, mentioned when speaking about our products.
Our Canadian-made upholstery is manufactured to our high quality standards. This includes 100% solid wood frames, with the wood coming from Canadian mills. We also utilize strong no-sag seat springs, high density seat foam and high quality upholstery fabrics and stitching.  

Q. Are your 5-Star Google reviews all real?
A. Yes, they are all from legitimate customers. We do not employ any marketing team to create and post fake 5-Star reviews for our business, elevating our Google review numbers into the hundreds or even thousands.

Q. Why do you have a relatively small amount of Google reviews, while many other furniture retailers have several hundreds, even going into the thousands of reviews?
A. Unfortunately, gravitating towards purchasing from a retailer with a high number of Google reviews and high overall rating fools many consumers. We do not use a marketing team to create fake 5-Star reviews in an effort to "bury" a high number of 1-Star reviews and boost our overall Google rating. 
A really simple way to get a better handle on any business is to read all the 1-Star Google reviews first, as they are very likely to be 100% authentic. Then you can make a much better judgement on the quality of products and level of customer service you will get.

Q. Do you offer financing?
A. Not at this time but please check back in the future.

Q. Why do you suggest to email for all e-Com inquiries?
A. Our team may not always be available to reply to questions over the phone, so we suggest email is the best way of communication to get the quickest replies 24/7.  Emails may also be responded to outside of business hours, where a phone call would not be answered.  We will try to respond within 1-2 days, but often within a hour or two.

Q. Where is your showroom location?
A. We are located at Unit #2115 - 575 Seaborne Avenue, Port Coquitlam, BC.

Q. How far do you deliver to?
A. We are currently able to promptly deliver throughout most of Western Canada. For anywhere outside of these areas, please email us your address with postal code, and the pieces you are interested in, and we will get back to you with a delivery quote as soon as possible. We can also make arrangements to deliver the goods to a storage depot in your area where you can pick up the items from.

Q. Do you price match?
A. Yes. We already offer the lowest prices guaranteed. We often check the competitors pricing to ensure you are getting the best price from us. If you find the exact same product for less elsewhere, please email us with the details and we will be happy to meet or beat the price.

Q. I am really worried about purchasing anything online from any company, including furniture.  How will purchasing from your company be any different?
A. You should feel very confident that the goods you are purchasing from us are all manufactured to the highest quality standards and represent some of the finest constructed furniture pieces you will ever own. We carry an extensive line up of 100% solid wood products. Our business is run professionally, efficiently, and with honesty and integrity. Our customer service is excellent. We do not try to pass off poor quality goods with a nice picture and description that makes it sound like an amazing item. We are confident that you will be pleasantly surprised with our product quality once you receive it.  If you are local to the showroom location, please stop in, where you can see many of our excellent quality products. Our Google reviews show the high level of satisfaction from just some of our happy customers.

Upholstery Products:
Q. If I place an order for custom upholstery, how long does it take to receive?
A. Generally, please allow approximately 8-12 weeks for your custom order to be completed. Once your custom order is completed, we will contact you.

Q. Can I get any upholstery order any faster?
A. Yes. We often stock many upholstered goods in our local warehouse that can be delivered right away. In addition, at certain times we can get a rush order completed quicker. Please email us with the product and choice of fabric and we will try our best to get it out to you asap.  This option is not always available so it is best to place your order promptly.  

Q. Am I able to check on the product and fabric availability?
A. Yes. Please email us with the product and choice of fabric and we will get back to you when we have that information.

Q. Do you offer custom sizes?

A. Yes. We offer many custom options to suit your configuration needs. Please send us dimensions and photos of your space so we can help optimize your space.

Q. Are sofa-beds available?
A. Yes. We can add sofa-beds to many of the sectionals, sofas, and loveseats. Please note that the seating area may feel firmer with the sofa bed option added.

Q. Why are the seat cushions on my product firmer than the ones I tried out in the showroom?
A. The seat cushions you may have tried in the showroom have been tested by other customers causing them to slightly soften. With time and usage of your furniture, your seat cushions will soften up slightly as well. Additionally, if a different fabric series was selected, the cushions may feel slightly firmer or softer.

Q. How many items do you have in your showroom compared to online?
A. We carry the most popular and available products on display in our showroom. If you would like to know if we carry a specific item, please email us before you make the trip so we can answer this for you.

Q. Am I able to purchase extra yardage of fabric?
A. Yes.

Q. Am I able to supply my own fabric of my choosing and just send it to you guys?
A. Yes. We highly recommend that you choose one of the 500 choices of high quality, designer fabrics that are available. Our manufacturers have chosen these fabrics carefully. These fabrics are very "upholstery durable" for every day use and have been chosen specifically to assure that the fabric you select will provide you with many years of use.

Q. Am I able to get an update on my order?
A. Product arrival dates and Custom order times may vary. Shipment ETA's are just that, estimated. We always follow up with the supply chain and track every pending order. Any delays always originate at the manufacturing, shipping and port, and are beyond our control. Once your custom order is in production, we usually cannot get an update until it is almost completed. When your products are ready for delivery or pick up, we will contact you. 

Q. Am I able to order any additional accent pillows to my order?
A. Yes. 

Q. Am I able to order zippers on my accent pillows?
A. Yes. You can add zippers to any toss pillow.

Wood Care:
Q. How do I take care of my wood furniture?
A. Please follow the link below:

Fabric Care:
Q. How do I take care of my new upholstery?

A. We suggest you flip or rotate your seat cushions at the beginning of each month. We also recommend that you vacuum your upholstery lightly with the right vacuum attachment about once a month.

Q. How do I clean my new upholstery?
A. To assure that your furniture lasts longer at a normal use we would suggest using a professional upholstery cleaner if you decide to clean your set. We offer an excelsior warranty program that includes a cleaning kit that should easily clean up any stains quickly. 

Q. Will sunlight affect my upholstery?
A. Yes. Try to keep the sunlight away from your furniture so your fabrics will last much longer. Too much direct sunlight will fade the fabric and may make the fabric strength deteriorate due to the strength of the suns rays.

Q. Can I wash my cushion covers?
A. We recommend that you do not remove your cushion covers as it may be difficult to get them back onto the foam. We recommend using a professional upholstery cleaning service to clean your upholstered items.

Q. Why is my fabric "pilling" Is this normal?
A. Some fabrics may "pill" due to excessive fibre content on the surface of the fabric. Pilling does not compromise the quality of the fabric. This pilling can easily be trimmed off with a fabric shaver. The pilling will usually only occur after some use, and should eventually not happen with time, and after trimming the fibres with the fabric shaver 2-3 times. 

Q. Can I order a custom piece in leather?
A. We don't offer any custom orders in leather at this time.              

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